Ford F-350 Universal Geomatics Solutions Corporation

Ford F350 Fleet for UGSC

  •    Cargo Bed International Cargo Slide
  •    RML Box Wood Liner with Tie-down
  •    Crosstrax Sled Deck
  •    Smittybilt XRC Winch
  •    Buggy Whip
  •    20 lbs Fire Extinguisher
  •    SWS Lo Pro Beason Light
  •    Aries Automotive 4” Side Bars
  •    Husky Liners Rear Wheel Tubs
  •    Custom CC Industries Tool Box
  •    Brightsource Headlight Conversion Kit

2018 Ford F-150

2018 Ford F150

  •    Go Rhino Sports Bar with Electric Actuator
  •    Brightsource LED Light Bar
  •    TruXedo Inc Lo Pro Tonneau Cover
  •    Aries Auto Bull Bar with Brightsource Cube Lights
  •    Anzo Wireless Remote Control

2018 Ford F-150 – 100XR Locker system

2018 Ford F150 - 100XR Locker System

This 2018 Ford F150 left our Calgary South Install Shop with a Thule Roof Rack, Leer 100 XR Canopy and Locker System. The Leer Locker is a ceiling-mounted storage system that makes the most of the space you rarely use. It’s like an overhead sliding drawer where you can organize your gear, keeping it hidden and securely locked up. Storage dividers can be adjusted to hold sports equipment, camping, hunting and fishing gear and more. #Since77